Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Say yes to the dress

Saying yes to the dress...

Well no I wasn't on the show, no I was not in New York, offered champagne or other pink drinks. But I did go to a couple local shops and a davids bridal (for my grandma), and one trip up north to Eugene Oregon for further searching.

I have a pinterest board (Custom Dress Ideas) devoted to the idea that I am getting a custom made dress because I could not find a backless thin strapped mermaid poof fluff wedding dress anywhere.


The original idea...

backless thin strapped mermaid poof fluff wedding dress... did I say that already... with a lace overlay so that I could remove it for the reception. Oh dress of my dreams. But I however found that when I tried on a couple backless dresses and the simple mermaid style without the poof the classic country girl look. I was drawn to dresses that were tight and at the knees HUGE poof. I started describing it as sloooop (the sound when you suck in air) poof I literally used that as the description for my perfect gown. I may be insane. but gotta do it.

The first stop was to a local bridal store.

It was a gorgeous shop and I loved that they are only open for appointment only. My grandma and I went in and browsed the racks in my 3000 or less price range. I tired on a handful of gorgeous dresses.

The last one was my favorite from this shop so beautiful!

The next day we went to David's Bridal.

 I was quite impressed with their service at the beginning. I still find it strange that they offer dresses right off the rack. But I was so happy that they actually have decent dresses and more impressive I could afford every dress in the place!! They gave us a nice welcome bag... and my sister was in from the bay joined to help me choose a dress. I love the little heart they put on the door. It was a kinda frantic day there. I have only been to a david's bridal on frantic days apparently. I got myself in most dresses and they were really surprised not only did I come in my strapless bra but I was wearing spanks so I didn't need to dorn the dingy customer slip. I was like really people don't come prepare... so prepare yourself for dress shopping.
David's Bridal

dress shopping at david's bridal

vintage inspired david's bridal

looking at the picture this one is my favorite
Then... we went on a road trip
Driving north a bit we landed in Eugene, Oregon at Blush Bridal
Here was a quite classy environment. They had ample dressing rooms with a private area to show your loved ones your dress. We were granted to search the walls for gowns and helped us after I described the sloooop poof. They also offer a ladies night out with private access to the shop after hours! I wish I knew about that before hand that would've been so much fun!! I grabbed a couple and then saw their clearance rack and selected one that I knew would need alterations but had rouching. Not a fan of rouching unless it was done in the right way. (tip if you don't like rouching like I didn't try a could dresses on even if they have it, if you like the style. It is not as bad on usually)
I came in to find a dress I had tried and loved in Bozeman Montana.
Which I guess I did try on... there but that was the whole reason for our travels
Still looking for sloooop poof... and not country mermaid as seen in that photo.
I had my own personal attendant to help me dress. which reminded me of the care and sweetness experienced in Bozeman.
I tried on a couple beautiful dresses!

ITCHY dress!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bride=center of attention moment

Then it became a battle of the dresses

These two bad boys!



 the left I wasn't a fan of the back rouching at all... the right I wasn't a fan of the daisy print lace and the tulle had bug in it indoors it would definitely catch something in Montana.

 I pondered and pondered. Tried them both back on. I was worried the shop would close on me without choosing one. The one on the left was the clearance dress. I found out the price on it and then was quite surprised how inexpensive it was. Our attendant helped so much letting me just sit and think. I tired to have my family choose for me... wouldn't that be easier.

 In the end I choose the silky Dupion & tulle Formosa Gown  Blue by Enzoani I love the removable modest neckline the sheer lace jacket provides. It will be a great addition to the sacredness of our ceremony at his nana's church.


 How was you experience dress buying or trying?



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