Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Off to where?

my search continues


I am going on a plane tomorrow...

to where?

to find the perfect wedding location .   .   . again!
I will be flying solo. Ah two fears together. With the cherry on top of my lover saying propeller plane. Thanks, thanks babe.

I will be going to the beautiful state of Montana to see if I can plan a destination wedding that kicks major @$$.

We as in me and myself and future mother in law, nana, and my future father in law will get to a chance to see first hand how drop dead gorgeous these venues are (hopefully) in person.

To make the list:
Indoor possibilities for reception
Accommodations at the place or within walking distance (maybe a few skipped this requirement)
Close to an airport
Can hold our group of 110ish awesome VIPs

I fly into Bozeman airport tomorrow afternoon!!

Places I wouldn't mind checking out: This trip is centering on West Yellowstone and Bozeman area.

Bridger Bowl
{beautiful modern lodge}
Gallatin River Lodge
The Ponds
(worth a shot?}
Rainbow Ranch
{Please let the group area work}
Rockin' TJ Ranch
(okay the lady that called was awesome!! probably won't get to tour this time)
320 Guest Ranch
(Dude ranch on steroids great package pricing)
Union Pacific Dining Lodge 
(Rustic on the cheap and DIY potential and umm cheap)

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Wedding Music Lists and Forms


Why do I love this form?


 Well because Joe from Joe's DJ located in beautiful Bozeman, Montana explains what the soon to be wedded couple need to hash out before the big day. Some people do not know the money dance from the processional ;) he gives great and quick detail about each item to consider and some items that did not even cross my mind.

Print this out and set down with your partner and spend some quality time realizing they do not love Taylor Swift as much as you do. But really...Get together and work this out early on so you can add that great song you totally love and forgot about.

I made an easy to use pdf version adapted from Joe's for you and your love to print and modify to fit your needs

View PDF version

Download PDF version

What other questions relate to your wedding music that aren't on here? Do you or your family have a special wedding tradition that involves music?

much love,

Nalfo Ur


 Check the links below for the original webpage as this is adapted modified added upon

Here it is guys:

Wedding DJ/Band/Music Form

mainly dj but edit to fit you and your wedding music needs

Wedding Date:

Bride's/ Groom's Name:  

Bride's/ Groom's Phone:   

Bride's/ Groom's Name:  

Bride's/ Groom's Phone:   

Bride's/ Groom's Email Address: 

Bride's/ Groom's Email Address:  

Approximately how many guests are you expecting?  

Location of the Ceremony:  

Time of the Ceremony:  

Would you like us to provide Music or a Sound System for your Ceremony?

Prelude: The song the Wedding Party walks down the aisle to.


Processional: The song the Bride walks down the aisle to.


Any Songs during the Ceremony: Sometimes people have us play a song if they are lighting a unity candle or doing a sand ceremony. Sometimes we play an instrumental version of a song while someone sings.


Recessional: The song the Bride and Groom walk back down the aisle to once the ceremony has concluded.


Location of the Reception:


What time do you expect your guests to start showing up at the Reception?


What type of Background would you like for cocktails/dinner? 




Other Background Music:




Would you like to be announced as you arrive at the Reception?

If so, How?  (Mr. and Mrs. Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Scott Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Scott and Julie Johnson)


Will anyone be doing a blessing or a prayer for dinner? If so, Whom?




Will anyone be giving a toast? Will you open the floor for everyone to speak or a chosen few?

Will you be doing a "formal" cake cutting? By formal we mean: "Can we please get everyone's attention. The Bride and Groom are now going to cut the cake. If you'd like to participate or take pictures of this, please gather near the cake table at this time".

First Dance: Title of song/ artist (the Bride and Groom dance)

Father/Daughter Dance: Title of song/ artist

Father of the Bride's Name: Title of song/ artist

Mother/Son Dance: Title of song/ artist

Mother of the Groom's Name: Title of song/ artist

Will you be tossing the Garter?  Would you like a specific song: Title of song/ artist

Will you be tossing the Bouquet?   Would you like a specific song: Title of song/ artist

Will you be doing a Dollar/Money Dance?    Would you like a specific song: Title of song/ artist

This is a dance that we have the Bride and Groom start off. We then get 2 lines going (one to dance with the Bride, and one to dance with the Groom). It will cost at least a Dollar to dance with the Bride and Groom during the next several songs. We'll play as many songs as it takes to give everyone a chance to dance with the Bride and Groom.


Will you be doing an Anniversary Dance?  

This is a dance where we throw on a slow song, and ask all of the married couples (including the new bride and groom) to come out to the dance floor. We then start the song... and ask people to leave the dance floor based on how long they've been married (if you've been married for 5 hours, please step off the dance floor.... if you've been married 1 year and less.... 5 years and less... 10 years and less... Until we're down to the longest married couple.


We encourage the Bride and Groom to bring their Ipod / Mp3 Players with them. Will you be bringing yours?   We will be bringing about 30,000 songs with us, but there's still a lot more music than that out there. If you really like a song, chances are, it's on your Ipod, so bring it along. Just make sure it's charged up!


A list of songs/artists/genres that you would really like to hear at your reception






A list of songs/artists/genres that you prefer not to hear at your reception.


This guy is awesome and thank you so much for taking the typing out of all this for us.



Found this from machform original link do not submit it though since it is for an actual dj in MT Joe's DJ in Bozeman, MT