Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Off to where?

my search continues


I am going on a plane tomorrow...

to where?

to find the perfect wedding location .   .   . again!
I will be flying solo. Ah two fears together. With the cherry on top of my lover saying propeller plane. Thanks, thanks babe.

I will be going to the beautiful state of Montana to see if I can plan a destination wedding that kicks major @$$.

We as in me and myself and future mother in law, nana, and my future father in law will get to a chance to see first hand how drop dead gorgeous these venues are (hopefully) in person.

To make the list:
Indoor possibilities for reception
Accommodations at the place or within walking distance (maybe a few skipped this requirement)
Close to an airport
Can hold our group of 110ish awesome VIPs

I fly into Bozeman airport tomorrow afternoon!!

Places I wouldn't mind checking out: This trip is centering on West Yellowstone and Bozeman area.

Bridger Bowl
{beautiful modern lodge}
Gallatin River Lodge
The Ponds
(worth a shot?}
Rainbow Ranch
{Please let the group area work}
Rockin' TJ Ranch
(okay the lady that called was awesome!! probably won't get to tour this time)
320 Guest Ranch
(Dude ranch on steroids great package pricing)
Union Pacific Dining Lodge 
(Rustic on the cheap and DIY potential and umm cheap)

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