Thursday, March 13, 2014

Oh Floral

I have the funniest florist well (potential florist) who wants me to cut out pictures since she isn't a computer owner... so I did... I will also print my pinterest board but I am so stinkin' proud of my Wedding Floral Collage I had to share!

My other idea's I will be sharing with her

2014 Montana Bride's flower muse
Metallic Wedding Floral Scheme
Our florist ended up going on a two month vacation without telling us then some how the invoice of pricing and ideas never made it to us. She kept the $20 quote fee without rewriting the information. I was really bummed and took the floral online gamble... totally won with the choices and saved tons of money!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Our First Pre-Wedding Party

We had a couple shower in beautiful Scottsdale Arizona last weekend. I wanted to share a couple pictures of my future hubby and I from our day!


The fashion...

My cute little bridal shower dress!

My dress is from goodwill what makes it even cheaper was my grandma bought it for me and another dress. This $5 dress is accented with a Michaels bridal belt on clearance for $1andsomechange. My fianc├ęs outfit is from target clearance rack... but to make it even sweeter I won a bet from my sister so she had to fork over the 6 dollars. His slacks are from a previous wedding we attended and the tie is a hand-me-down... p.s. his shirt was tucked in until the brothers made fun of him... younger siblings gotta love 'em.

Isn't he handsome!?
okay lazy eyes but delicious food!
Cornhole champion!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

and why dont we throw in " A NAUTICAL BABY SHOWER" while we're at it


So still a little jealous my sister just had a baby!  The best way to cope with the cuteness? Throw a "*b@da$$*-nautical-baby-shower...-Ships-Ahoy-it's-a-Boy-aka-welcoming-bash."

nautical baby shower
free? yup!

So here are some freebie printable... honestly though email me at I have tons of leftovers that need a home (I'll hook you up! first come first served :) )


~25 pictures so scroll down find what you need right click to save and bam saved you hours! If you need something custom made with similar idea let me know! Here are some of the ideas we used Our Pinterest Board for Showers!

food signs
We did the around the room game approach since not everyone likes joining in... we did do a game that said welcome baby's name (find as many words as you can in welcome baby) and the candy bar game as well as the unscramble words game.

blank one for your own creation

huge hit with the little ones... we printed off color sheets and put fun games out... bring jenga it is great a building blocks too

bonus aka prize table raffle again went raffle crazy

goldfish cracker sign on our galley table

printed out a bunch of these and of course had pens and a clipboard!

the sign I put into the cotton ball counting jar

diaper raffle sign... couldn't resist putting a little mustache on it.

this is what I wrote for the onesie design center... I have more signs but they have his name on everything 

always do this! saves soooo much time!

well we kept going with the nautical theme... our galley was stocked by wonderful family and friends

entry table because we were in the midst of cold season :( and had our hand sanitizer out in full force

cotton ball counting game... buy a bunch of bags in different sizes... we gave away the jar full of cotton balls really cool jar and hey who doesn't need cotton balls? ours held 514

paper template for the wishes... we put two on a page and stretched them

my sister bought a gorgeous bottle for the notes we printed them on blue paper and had little rubber bands to help put them in there.

we did the 'poop' in the diaper game but with a twist no poop in it :)
this was in the diaper instead of poop they were happy

if you get these exact items it will make it easier on you ;)

holy prizes we came back with so many goodies... and totally scored the one I loved too! Everyone came back with a token

we went raffle crazy!!!!!! wipes and diapers to make it "fair" we let them grab one ticket for every $2 spent!

cute little rhymes around the room we put this by the guessing jar

we gave away homemade soaps and custom made pouches

for the sign in table... we had a little paddle so cute with the baby's name etched on it

Price is Right baby shower game

Diaper and wipe raffle wording... on the other side we wrote where mama was registered

These are things with Tre's name on it but you get the idea

onesie design center!

favor table from our shower to yours

cute little sign

we didn't actually use this but thought it was a great idea!

group game! 194 word combos


If you need something custom made with similar idea let me know email me now! more images of the actual shower to come :)

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Sunday, January 19, 2014

A follow for a follow

I have now successfully been planning my wedding for a year and a month!

 Now on to the details to make our wedding the one(well one of the ones) of 2014! I would love to grab inspiration from you! My vow to you... if you are a bride, wedding planner, groom, bridesmaid, other important role of a 2014 wedding... I will follow you if you first pin this image and follow me on one of my boards. Follow me on Pinterest!! 

 Great way to see the gals and gents that this is their YEAR too!


journal for our journeyMore on the chaos of wedding planning later but I do have a couple updates... one on to caterer number three? really I am bad luck and with six months to go? yuppers. Hired an awesome photographer and videographer my dreams are complete... kinda am footing the bill on the luxary item of videographer not in our in-laws budget or my budget based on the numbers they gave us so I don't care I will be one happy bride-y. Photobooth check check, I do not know if they are 2012ish or still cool I have never been to a wedding with one but guess what guests you will have one... mil's request gotta love that :)

Pinterest wedding fun