Friday, May 10, 2013

Camp Wedding?

Now, I know a lot of you brides have been dreaming of a camp wedding at your favorite summer camp. I recently discussed the idea with my sister while hashing out further details… We could not imagine getting married at our summer camp. Let’s just say the accommodations are a step above sleeping outdoors with nothing that being said I rather sleep in a tent then the open teepees they boast. My fiancé and I are planning a camp destination wedding near my fiancé’s family. So our first step was one find a camp.

One of our camping trips in Northern California
Well while looking at venues in the beautiful __________ area I realized that my non-platinum wedding budget wouldn’t get me in the door of some of these places. They are gorgeous luxurious and expensive. I am so fortunate that my future in laws have graciously decided to give us our wedding. That means extra bargain hunting for me so I do not feel indebted to them. The location we are currently looking at is none other than ___________! It has gorgeous grounds and enough to host around 200 creatively placed (meaning if some people are into the whole massive sleepover in the programs room then yes 200).

These are still camp facilities but it has a gorgeous lodge with stunning terraces over looking the lake. I cannot wait. But oh yes… the hitch before we can be hitched. They have never hosted a wedding. So not only do I need to ask sensitive questions about hanging décor but walk thinly to prove that yes we will take the utmost care of your facility while hosting the most magnificent wedding bash ever. 

Hey what's up with the _______ blanks? Well I do not want you to steal my perfect location! ;) Once we have it for sure dates and everything... I'd love to share it with you but until then wonder away! 

Next Entry: about all the ridiculous questions you need to ask... for Wedding Locations!

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About me... well at least me for today

Our engagement pictures
Hello there!

This is going to be our official life journal. Saves paper? Saves sanity? hoping to accomplish both.

Where am I right now in my life?

Well, I am a umm Female, 27 years of age 1985 baby. Living in the gorgeous North West United States. I am engaged as of 25/12/2012! Been with my side kick for three years now. We are planning a wedding bash for the summer of 2014! Woot woot. Raise your hands up and listen to the faux dj kick it.

Contemporary Christian as I like to call it.... attend church with rock music and most of the crowd have tat sleeves love it. My other is a devote Catholic, so we might have a Catholic wedding more on trying to understand all to.

I am a hard working gal, literally 24/7 job which I love. Need a friend outlet and yes public living is now the source of my entertainment.

We are keeping our fingers crossed that our dream location lets us have a Summer Camp Wedding. Haven't heard of that? Follow me on facebook (FB: nalfo.ur), pinterest (Pinning addict: journaljourn), and soon youtube to find out what that entails.

Please feel free to ask any questions... to better describe myself if your curious just ask.

My name is not Nalfo nor my last name Ur, I signed up for a facebook real page instead of a like page and they required a real sounding name, didn't like Journal nor journey as a real first name poor children that have awesome names like that. So Journalforourjourney  became my new name.

My next entry... planning thus far for our 2014 Wedding

Please introduce yourself so I can start following your journey too!