Sunday, January 19, 2014

A follow for a follow

I have now successfully been planning my wedding for a year and a month!

 Now on to the details to make our wedding the one(well one of the ones) of 2014! I would love to grab inspiration from you! My vow to you... if you are a bride, wedding planner, groom, bridesmaid, other important role of a 2014 wedding... I will follow you if you first pin this image and follow me on one of my boards. Follow me on Pinterest!! 

 Great way to see the gals and gents that this is their YEAR too!


journal for our journeyMore on the chaos of wedding planning later but I do have a couple updates... one on to caterer number three? really I am bad luck and with six months to go? yuppers. Hired an awesome photographer and videographer my dreams are complete... kinda am footing the bill on the luxary item of videographer not in our in-laws budget or my budget based on the numbers they gave us so I don't care I will be one happy bride-y. Photobooth check check, I do not know if they are 2012ish or still cool I have never been to a wedding with one but guess what guests you will have one... mil's request gotta love that :)

Pinterest wedding fun

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