Wednesday, December 4, 2013

13 tips for Wedding Dress Shopping

13 tips for wedding dress shopping

Our shops debunked a couple things

Here we go!

1) You do not have to come very prepared

(they have loner everything from bras to shoes but still come prepared)

2) Bring your camera

(most shops want you to take pictures so you can narrow it down by looking at them)

3) Don't expect champagne


4) Do not expect to be the attendants only client

(some weekend time slots they will be juggling two brides)

5) Take time

(I was allowed to sit and think and think she let me be and gave me space so I didn't feel rushed)

6) Bring your closest buddies

(My grandma and sister came with me... so wish my fiancé was allowed he's my bff)

7) Dress to impress

(it's a day about you! my sister out did me in her beautiful backless dress grrr)

8) Be honest and narrow down quickly

(saying no is good!! move on to the next, some I said don't even bother zipping I hate it)

9) Come with someone that's seen you naked

(especially helpful when they are juggling clients and you need to try on or get off a dress)

10) Be happy and go with the flow

(other people have other ideas that's okay too)

11) Know what works with your body and style

(at first people discouraged me from trying on mermaid style saying it doesn't work for smaller girls... but once I tired them on I was like see I've got the body type for it! I've got back ;) )

12) Try on a crinoline slip with your dress

(I tried one on with a couple david's bridal dresses made me love a dress that was a 4:10)

13) Have fun!!

(you only do it once... like everything in wedding world)

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