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Questions to ask a summer camp facility for hosting a wedding

Questions to ask during a Camp Wedding Tour

Now I know a lot of you brides have been dreaming of a camp wedding at your favorite summer camp. I recently discussed the idea with my sister while hashing out further details… We could not imagine getting married at our summer camp. Let’s just say the accommodations are a step above sleeping outdoors with nothing that being said I rather sleep in a tent than the open teepees they boast. My fiancé and I are planning a camp destination wedding near my fiancé’s family. So our first step was to find a camp.

Well while looking at venues in the beautiful __________ area I realized that my non-platinum wedding budget wouldn’t get me in the door of some of these places. They are gorgeous luxurious and expensive. The location we are currently looking at is none other than ___________! It has gorgeous grounds and enough to host around 200 creatively placed (meaning if some people are into the whole massive sleepover in the programs room then yes 200).

These are still camp facilities but it has a gorgeous lodge with stunning terraces over looking the lake. I cannot wait. But oh yes… the hitch before we can be hitched. They have never hosted a wedding. So not only do I need to ask sensitive questions about hanging décor but walk thinly to prove that yes we will take the utmost care of your facility while hosting the most magnificent wedding bash ever.

*Note some of these questions you will not have to ask or do since you probably live with in driving distance. I have never physically been to the site so disregard the crazy details.

the questions

 The Layout:

Map out where cabins are do they have numbers? Where in relation are the shower facilities, bathrooms, bathhouses, lake, lodge, craft rooms, picnic areas, and amphitheaters? Draw them in detail so you can make a user friendly map later on! Ask if they have a bird’s eye view of the camp to better render a drawing. (or do as I did before touring... look at google earth!) Note if there are any areas that would be friendlier for Grandparents. Do they have a map of the area? This will save a lot of hassle.

            Do we need to bring our own towels? assuming yes but hey you never know
Toilet paper, paper towels, see if there are areas to set out readily available things like shampoo, bug wipes, sunscreen.
Do they have mirrors? Are there two or do we need to set hours or designate one as boys or girls.
How many toilets are there? In the camps _________ in the lodge ___________ have this number down to see if port-a-johns/potties are necessary
How many shower stalls? In the camps _________ in the lodge______________
Are there outlets in the bathrooms? Lights? Outdoors lights for night time visits?
Path lights?

Cabin Sites
            Do they have outlets?
            Do they have mattresses?
            Can the beds be moved for couples wanting to sleep next to each other?
            Do they have windows for ventilation?
            How many per cabin?
            Count of fire pits/picnic tables
Tent Cabins Sites
            Do they have mattresses?
            Can the beds be moved for couples wanting to sleep next to each other?
            Do they have windows for ventilation?
            How many per cabin?
            Count of fire pits/picnic tables

Bring you own tent Sites
            How many campers per site?
            How big is the site?
            Do they have mattresses?
            Count of fire pits/picnic tables
            Do they allow rvs or is there room for rv parking

Parking lot & Outdoor areas
            How many cars can fit?
            Is it lighted?
How do we use the gate for the wedding day? Would it be all right to leave it unlocked until the reception starts?
Signs to getting here and going how many would we need how many left how many right arrows? Where is a good spot for the you’ve gone to far marker?
Are they marked parking spots? Would you like us to chalk them before people arrive?
Is there a place to put ice chests? Do you have wagons for transporting items that we could rent?
Are there bike trails near by? Do you allow biking on hiking trails?
Fire permits needed? What are the current regulations for fire nights etc.
Where is the closest hotel?
Where is the closest church?
What do the grounds look like in late/early summer?
Outdoor area for sports?
Would canoeing be an option to rent during our preferred time?
Are there any areas that we do not have access to? Should we put signs up to remind guest?
Do you have a sample-cooking menu of what is fixed for the campers for food? We would love to give nod to the summer camp style and maybe incorporate that into our menu.
What kind of cooking equipment do we have access to? How many pans/pots/bowls etc.? Do you have cutlery and plates? Dishwasher or do you prefer us to use
compostable products during the rest of the week?
Where do we keep the trash? Recycling? Compost?
Dish soap? Towels?

How many can sleep here?
Sign in area/ check in area?
How many tables? Dimensions? Extra tables for food, place cards, cake table etc? 
Room measurements
Chairs and couch able to be dressed up? Or removed?
Cocktail hour on the deck?
Dance floor location measurements?
Ceiling height?
Lounge area?
Doors that can open for more room? /flow? For more intimate lounge area etc?
Insurance company for event insurance?

3- 24 hour time chunks Thursday at 3PM-Sunday at 3PM Can we add hours last minute if need be?

Craft room capacity for crafts?
Area for a board game room?
Book exchange bookcase?

Guess What! Reading the fine print helps! The camp we are looking at demonstrates before hand to show them how to work everything!! Double dance! 

Remember: The hitch at least in at this location is that we will be possibly renting a lot of extra things that some venues included. Make sure that your killer deal won't mean your pockets are empty because of rental fees.  

This is my list thus far. We have confirmed our tour at 10AM on Friday June 5th 2013! So I will add the questions we also asked and omit the ones that were silly to even ask, 

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