Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Our First Pre-Wedding Party

We had a couple shower in beautiful Scottsdale Arizona last weekend. I wanted to share a couple pictures of my future hubby and I from our day!


The fashion...

My cute little bridal shower dress!

My dress is from goodwill what makes it even cheaper was my grandma bought it for me and another dress. This $5 dress is accented with a Michaels bridal belt on clearance for $1andsomechange. My fianc├ęs outfit is from target clearance rack... but to make it even sweeter I won a bet from my sister so she had to fork over the 6 dollars. His slacks are from a previous wedding we attended and the tie is a hand-me-down... p.s. his shirt was tucked in until the brothers made fun of him... younger siblings gotta love 'em.

Isn't he handsome!?
okay lazy eyes but delicious food!
Cornhole champion!

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